I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Nothing is Possible without a voice even the voiceless ones has a voice- Trina Fight For Our Rights


Hi I am Trina since that's what most people know me by.

 At the age of 14 I woke up with a vision that became so clear to me I shared it with my dad he looked at me and smiled with my dad and once I was done he said I will support you. I am a disability advocate in the community and state wide I serve on committees in Albany I am on the youth Council for Special Education, I speak at many disability conference In 2014 I was a mini keynote speaker for Self Advocacy Association Of NYS.

I spoke on a panel at NYSED

I am a 2014 Partners Grad which increased my level in advocacy.

Now I serve on the Mayors Office for People with disabilities Youth Council with the Commissioner

I am working towards writing a book about my life at the ago of 20 I have done so much an my dreams continue..My disability is limitless      



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It's my passion It's my dream..It's my heart and soul-Trina Fight For Our Rights

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